Regular Salary for Bus Drivers

It was long overdue.

The Philippine government should have already implemented giving regular salaries for bus drivers and conductors instead of daily commissions.

At least, it is not too late to impose it starting today.

However, will these new regulations really address the problem on road accidents? Most of the drivers are recklessly running through busy streets, especially in Metro Manila, because they want to acquire more commissions from what they will earn in a day. They have been dangerously racing with other buses to get the passengers first.

And if the new salary and some incentives were imposed, will it be enough for the family of drivers and conductors? Some greedy bus operators might consider the policy as a doom to their business, and others might not follow and attempting to justify it to the government.

So, are we still going to experience riding in a bus which is speeding like hell?

Other countries succeeded in implementing salary schemes to their public utility vehicle drivers, why not in the Philippines?

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