Motorcycle Lane In Metro: Is It Effective Against Accidents?

The government aims to lessen, if not totally prevented, the number of accidents in Metropolis involving motorcycles. And that resulted to the idea of implementing blue lane or motorcycle lane in selected avenues in Metro Manila, Philippines.

The blue lane (a lane with blue paint) in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City is supposed to be exclusively for motorcycles, right? So what’s the public utility bus doing inside the motorcycle lane?

And of course, traffic enforcers cannot monitor all the vehicles passing thru that busy street to call the bus driver’s attention.

Unlike Commonwealth Avenue, the blue lane in Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) is not limited for motorcycles only because the number of lanes are narrower. And I pity those motorcycle riders who tried to get some space on the blue lane when other vehicles are also in the same lane. I am also fear for their safety.

Motor riders will follow but will the drivers of other vehicles share the discipline?

The keys to keep every motorist safe is not the color of the lane nor the any other traffic schemes but are concern and discipline. Much more, the highways and streets should be also improved. Streets with holes are prone to accidents. Narrow highways can create monstrous traffic.

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