Women With No Table Manners?

There is no question if you want to look pleasing and presentable to others. Most woman do.

But a woman with manners prefer to fix her face at the proper place like restroom, especially when you’re in a public place.

It was a disappointing scenario when a group of women do their make-up on their table just right after eating lunch in a fast food chain at a mall.

And worse, those women kept a family with a baby and a toddler waiting beside them until they finished! That family stood up for about 10 minutes watching those ladies fixing their make-up at the table!



  1. Gessa

    aie parang teenagers? hahahaha buti pa nga teenagers pumupunta pa ng CR. oh by the way ugaling lady boys (not all naman). hehehe

  2. Mommy Pehpot

    hmm mas madali daw mag retouch pag nakaupo?

    seriously dapat sa mga yan sinasabihan eh : “excuse me, may banyo po” or “kasama ba sa bayad ang retouch?”

  3. Gene

    Personal experience? Hehehe. Nakakainis nga yung naka-hover ka na kasi obviously tapos na silang kumain pero ayaw pa rin tumayo. Patigasan na lang din, tsk!

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