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Psy Apologizes For Anti-US Songs He Made Years Ago

“Gangnam Style”, a viral smash hit with almost one billion hits since it was uploaded on YouTube in July 2012, continues to rake in not just fans but money for South Korean pop singer, Psy.

The 34-year-old Park Jae-sang doesn’t play a hip baritone guitar but his song’s catchy tune and comical horse-riding dance have made him the top-grossing K-Pop star.

However, not all his songs have been as widely accepted and some have even been criticized for their lyrics.   Recently, reports of his anti-US performances in 2004 surfaced.

Eight years ago, Psy protested the deaths of two teenage South Korean girls who were run over by a U.S. tank stationed in the country.  In another performance, he criticized the U.S. led invasion of Iraq where South Korean forces took part.

Last Friday, Psy apologized for these songs that contain lyrics critical of the U.S. military. In his statement, Psy said, “While I’m grateful for the freedom to express one’s self, I’ve learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted.”  He also apologized for whatever pain he has caused by using those words in his songs.

His apology comes at an opportune time as he is to perform at the annual “Christmas in Washington” television special which will be attended by U.S. President Barack Obama and his family.


  • Jennifer Boehme

    Of course he will apologize now..he is making money in the US. If people watch what they say in the first place they wouldn’t regret it later…when your making tons of money and could loose some sales.

  • Laila Husin

    Psy has every right to express himself freely. Most especially if it’s about girls being run over by tanks in his own country. I say more power to him. This is definitely just a sales strategy to boost his already record-breaking song.

  • Jennifer Johansen

    There’s nothing wrong with protesting something you find morally offensive. The US is not infallible. Personally, I think he has nothing to apologize for.

  • Jennifer Johansen

    There’s nothing wrong with protesting something you’re morally opposed to, especially if you protest in a peaceful manner. The US is not infallible, nor is it above criticism. Personally, I think he has nothing to apologize for.

  • Carol Smith

    He has the right to express his feelings in a time of need. Down deep we all know we have said or done something and that time has changed that particular thought or action. The difference here is it is public knowledge and with the technology today it cannot easily be forgotten. Cudos to him for realizing this and apologizing even though I feel he has nothing to apologize for.

  • sara m ford

    Everyone has the right to express their feeling I am so tired of people getting upset about what music and whats being said in it. Yes sometimes it can be upsetting to some but you dont have to lesson and this is how he feels thats not wrong

  • Karen Hand

    It is strange just a few weeks prior to his entertaining an event that will be attended by the President of the United States, that he apologizes. He has had 8 years to do so, if he wanted. I believe this is just a publicity stunt to further boost his popularity in the United States..

  • Janice Que

    He has the rights to express his thoughts and opinions through a song but that doesn’t mean he could say everything he wants. He mustn’t forget his responsibility as a good will citizen.

  • Cheyenne

    I’m sided with many of the previous posters. He did what he did as a reaction to a horrible situation. However I do like the way he phrased his apology. He didn’t apologize for his protests, but just the way he went about it.

  • Sern Khuan

    Well, being famous comes at a price and most of the time that price is to have your past life up till now scrutinized and singled out piece by piece to root out any juicy gossips or controversies to generate stories. If I were him, I’d make that statement too, it’s obvious by the way he says it that he still protests against those deaths, only apologized for his words on it.

  • Mare Mitchell

    I wonder if he thinks it will help his popularity? Even though it is a public gesture it was nice of him to apologize. Hopefully it was heart felt but I have my doubts.

  • Sarah

    I must be living under a rock, because I really have no idea who this person is or what this song sounds like. I have heard of it, but haven’t heard it!

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