Total Log Ban in Compostela Valley

The natural disasters brought by typhoons in the country during the past few years are constant reminders of the abuse inflicted on Mother Nature.  The issue of illegal mining and illegal logging is a long standing problem that the government can’t seem to solve. There are already existing laws to regulate logging and mining activities in the country as well as natural forests preservation laws.  However, it seems that the problem lies within its implementation.

The Aquino administration issued Executive Order No. 23 which declared an indefinite nationwide log ban a year ago.  But recent landslide and flooding tragedies has shown that logging activities still continue in the country.  DENR Secretary Ramon Paje identified illegal logging as a major factor in the catastrophe that happened in Compostela Valley.  Some local officials admitted that there are logging operations that they could not control in their area because of the presence of armed groups and insurgents in the region.

Finding a solution for this problem is not as simple as shopping at ovisonline for drawer slides. The cooperation of residents, strong political will of local officials to enforce the law, and military support for its enforcement is needed to fully implement total log ban in these regions.


  • Dorothy Boucher

    wow , this is sad because its bad enough to know that people are being put in danger and knowing that if this does not stop , what are they going to do if there is no more logs, how sad … I will pray for them and in hope that they may soon resolve this issue.. I love mother earth but she can also have a temper..

  • Karen Hand

    It is truly sad that these natural resources are being depleted. As you mention in your article, cooperation is needed by all to enforce the laws to ban the logging, as well as the trees need to be replenished.

  • Jane Ritz

    It’s so sad that natural resources are damaged by pollution or are over harvested. A trip through the Great Smokie Mountains will show you damage to our trees. Knoxville are, you can see the results of mining.It’s heart breaking.

  • carla venice relayo

    i think they should start it immediately and be strict about the implementations of the law otherwise it will happen again

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