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@pldtHOME: A Customer’s Greatest Failure

The Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) never failed to irritate its clients. If only I have other choice of DSL line in our area, I wouldn’t subscribe to them.

First, they automatically create an advance billing, even if you haven’t use the service yet. So if there’s any adjustment for failed service like interruptions for several days, you must not forget to request again and again before they create new billing so that your refund will be deducted.

Second, they’re fast in creating advance billing but slow in implementing refund or adjustments.

Third, I requested to transfer my DSL and landline and they assured me to get it done at the maximum of three weeks. Oh well, I requested in the last week of February and until now I have no PLDT internet and landline connections. Great!

Worst, I received a billing notice with disconnection! How’s that happened? I do not have internet connection since last week of February and I already paid all pending amount, why would I have another billing?

The option I took in transfering my DSL and landline is to cut the billing and it will be resumed after the job order for the transfer to a new address was completed. So what’s this red envelope with disconnection notice doing on my mail box?

I asked their customer service support and informed me that the job order for the transfer and cutting the connection was created only on March 10. Since the cut off of my account is every last day of the month, I was billed for the several days that the account was still active.

Seriously? I already do not have an internet connection since last week of February and they’re telling me it was just cut on March 10? I was told to file a complaint and request for adjustments, goodluck to me!

This is a good example of business greed? NO care for customers? A failed service indeed. And yes, subscribing to PLDT could be any customer’s greatest failure.


  • Mitchteryosa

    Almost the same thing happened to me after the terrible flood in September. While I had no internet connection for a month, I received my bill and disconnection notice on time. Strange di ba? I have reported ot God knows how many times via phone calls but to no avail. Till I got fed up and went to their office. Few days later, technician came and fixed it in less than half an hour. What took them so long was my question.

    The worst part, I was billed continously despite the report of having no connection for a month.

  • eduardo angeles

    ill true to this. Globe offers a far better customer service with the worse internet service. Pldt on the other hand offers the opposite. My plan is 1600 (dsl+landlyn, installed may 16. bill arrived june 8 with a whooping 3120php!!? called their cs and i almost felt like crying when i realized im stuck on this worse ever customer service til the next 11 months.

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