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Rapid Response Teams Deployed For Possible Gaza Evacuation

On the wake of the Israeli missile attack in the Gaza strip last Sunday, the Philippine government has quickly formed two rapid response teams to be deployed to Egypt and Israel.  Some 100 Filipinos are estimated to be working and residing in and around the area where what is considered to be the deadliest airstrike thus far hit.

They might not be wearing baby phat scrub tops but the members of these rapid response teams are trained and equipped to help with the evacuation of Filipino families who might be affected by the hostilities between the Israelis and the Palestines.  The authorities in the Philippine embassies in Tel Aviv and Cairo are coordinating mapping operations and possible evacuation efforts with these Filipino families.

Some 72 people were reported to have been killed during the armed conflict.  No Filipinos have been injured or killed as of yet.  Assistant Secretary Raul Hernandez of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) assures that all efforts are being exerted towards preparing all Filipinos for possible evacuation.

Philippine Ambassador to Israel Generoso Clonge earlier revealed that an evacuation plan through the Egyptian border is on the table.  Whether or not this plan pushes through depends on how the Israel-Gaza truce brokered by Egypt pans out.


  • Jefferson

    I hope everyone is safe there and no one gets hurt. The war has been intense and everyone should pray for all the people affected. I hope all of this will stop soon because a lot of people have died already.

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