Providing Convenience To Vets

Everyday, you can see a long line of the living veterans of war in the Veterans Affairs Office at the main military headquarters. They may have traveled from afar and unfortunately they are no car for vets provided for them.

Lucky for those veterans who have few kind family members and relatives to help them in processing their claims for pensions and other benefits from the government. Surely, the process to get their old age pension, death pension, disability pension, hospitalization, educational benefit, burial assistance, total administrative disability and the like usually undergo through tedious steps.

There are satellite offices of Veterans Affairs Office in the provinces, however, not all areas were covered so they have to travel to the nearest one.

But imagine how difficult they need to went through – if a veteran doesn’t have a car of his own, he needs to commute. He may travel for hours before reaching a Veterans office. Upon reaching the office, they again, experience the agony of long waiting. Most of the time, they do not finish the processes in one day, so he has to come again and again for follow ups.

Worst, veterans or their families were victimized by unscrupulous fixers! Moreover, the unfortunate reality that there are fraudulent pensioners who actually steal the benefits that should be for those who have served their countries valiantly.

The government may have exerted efforts to help the veterans. Seminars and workshops for its officials and employees were conducted and has intensified entrapment operations against fixers, and aggressive prosecution of fixing-related cases. However, they have failed to give enough convenience to the veterans.

Does the idea of providing cars for vets comes to the government’s mind? Well, maybe due to budgetary constraint, the state could not see the feasibility of this idea. But we’re hoping that there are non-government organizations or private groups and individuals that would donate their used vehicles for the veterans.

Riding the service car or van for veterans doesn’t have to be for free. They could charge a fare which is lower than the standard rates of public utility vehicles. The collected money can be use for gasoline and maintenance of the vehicle. It’s like an e commerce workflow.



  • Steve del Castillo

    Our veterans should have been taking care of! Is there a law for veterans that should give them more benefits like the senior citizens?

  • carla venice relayo

    hopefully our so called new government will make sure of the future of the vets..sayang lang vote sa kanila if this not will happen..

  • Clarinda Santiago

    They are the heroes of our country and freedom, they should be given the utmost care they deserve. Let’s pay respect to each and everyone of them…

  • desiree

    i can say i now how they feel my family has alot of vet 2 brother and 2 sons of mine i have nephew and neice that were pow in the war and they love the millatary but it did not love them

  • Belinda Ibanez

    I think government should give credit when, who and where it is due, specially to our veterans who contributed a lot to our nation’s history.

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