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Personal Space Has Its Place Even in Happy Relationships

Personal space is the key to having a happy, successful relationship. However, not every marriage functions at its highest level, and personal space can be a major factor. Not having your own time can cause a relationship to fail. It’s important to give yourself time and make sure your partner has their time, too.

1. Individuality is important! No matter how similar you are to anyone else, your spouse included, individuality is the thing that leads to happiness. Being an individual and “allowed” to do whatever you like will make you a happier, more whole person.

2. Being together around-the-clock can be suffocating for the relationship. Everybody needs time to themselves or without their significant other. Spending too much time together can cause you to lose a romantic spark. For people who can’t seem to get that spark back, it’s important to talk with a firm like Cordell & Cordell right away.

3. You need your personal space. People develop a sense of self when they engage in interests outside the relationship. This also helps to promote communication and trust between partners.

4. Too much of a good thing is bad! It’s not healthy to spend a ton of time together. If you feel like you can’t trust your partner to be alone, you have to deal with the trust issue, because spending every waking moment together isn’t going to fix the root of the problem.

5. Dependent relationship can become incredibly toxic. It’s not healthy for either party to be too dependent on one another.

6. It’s important to remember that you were a whole person before you met your partner. No matter how much you love them, you’re still an individual. You shouldn’t define yourself solely based on your relationships.

7. You’ll become stronger as a couple by staying individuals. When you do things apart and invest time in individual hobbies, you’ll have more to talk about. This will strengthen your communication.

You don’t need to love all of the same things that your partner does. Trying to force yourself to get involved in their interests isn’t healthy for either of you. Plus, some marriages have deeper problems than personal space. Whatever the issue is, it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t grow into something larger.

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