Giving Manny Pacquiao A Special Treatment Way Too Much?

The Philippine Army is now contemplating in promoting Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao to Lieutenant Colonel from his current reservist rank of Senior Master Sergeant.

Does he deserve it? In my own opinion, Big NO.

I agree with most of the Filipinos and government officials’ opinion—Pacquiao gave our country another reason to be proud of after recently (boringly) beat Sugar Shane Mosley.

However, this doesn’t mean he is (morally) rightful to received a military promotion when he didn’t even do anything to fight against enemies of the state or just even think of ways to end insurgency.

What just Pacquiao did was fight against co-boxers and received millions of dollars after.

Does Pacquiao knows how hard it is for many soldiers and how they neglected their families and risks their lives to defend the security of the Filipinos and somehow, hoping to receive recognition and awards thus achieve promotions.

And Pacquiao will easily get promotions just like that? The recently concluded exceptional military honor of testimonial review and parade dedicated for him was not enough?

Oh, my headache!


  • The Pepperrific Life

    I am beginning to hate Manny Pacquiao more and more each day…  I hate his mom’s guts even more!

    • J Allyssa

      Plus the fact that they have the guts to comment on the RH Bill na mukhang hindi naman nya masyandong naintindihan and he’s actions speak otherwise. Sana lang he’ll focus more on boxing and no to politics na next time! 

  • Anonymous

    I also do not agree with it.  ok nagbibigay sya ng karangalan sa country sa boxing, so sa boxing sports we excel, but it does not necessarily mean na lahat ng pwedeng gawing parangal sa kanya e ibibigay sa kanya. just my one cent 🙂

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