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Bieber Arrested, Makes Bail on DUI Charges

Days after neighbors filed a complaint alleging him of causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages to their property, Justin Bieber was nabbed for driving under the influence and resisting arrest. It looked like he had a little too much for his system to handle. Away from the high tech kaoss pad 3 plus DJ mixers of the dance clubs, Bieber took to the streets to burn rubber in an impromptu drag racing. With him during his escapade was a female friend and his own entourage who was responsible for blocking off traffic so that Bieber can drag race in a borrowed yellow Lamborghini.

When he was arrested, Bieber reportedly hurled invective at the arresting officers. He later on admitted to smoking weed, drinking beer, and taking anti-depressants earlier during the day. He also did not carry a valid driver’s license. He was taken to the Miami-Dade jail together with his companions. The news spread like wildfire in the social media; even his mug shots showed up online and sparked flares of criticism from various fronts. Some radio stations have opted not to play his songs as a way of expressing their disapproval of Bieber’s actions.

Bieber made bail and was escorted out of jail. He hopped onto a waiting black chauffeur-driven car, wearing a black hoodie and a pair of dark shades, and waving to his fans as if nothing had happened. The 19-year old YouTube sensation has a great following worldwide. It’s a shame that he just has to take the troubled teen route the way other young stars before him did.

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