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An Explanation: Mon Tulfo vs. Raymart Santiago & Claudine Barretto

They instantly caught the attention of the public. Suddenly, they trended on social media networks and local media entities.

It was a scandalous showdown. A fistfight that shouldn’t happen if only some people did not let their emotions ruled over their intellect. A diplomatic solution should have been applied and the negligence are immediately corrected.

The Background (Based on the official police report from Lt. Demetrio Sison, assistant OIC, Airport Police Intelligence and Investigation Division)

Celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto with their children and two other companions arrived from Boracay, boarded from Cebu Pacific Flight 5J-896, around 11:30 in the morning. Tulfo also arrived from Davao City. While the two groups were retrieving their luggage on parallel conveyors, a Cebu Pacific staff told Claudine that hers was left behind at Iloilo airport. This upset the actress and demanded an explanation from the airline crew. The Cebu Pacific crew replied, “Sorry ma’am your luggage was left behind in Boracay but we are doing our best to load it in our next flight.” Claudine was said to be scolding the crew in a loud voice prompting Tulfo to fish out his mobile phone and take pictures. Someone from the group of Claudine informed Raymart that Tulfo had been listening and documenting the altercation, and Raymart approached the newsman and demanded that he delete the pictures, but Tulfo refused, triggering the brawl.

First, there is an obvious negligence from the Cebu Pacific to immediately inform the celebrity couple that they did not load the luggage on the flight with them. A normal reaction for Claudine to get pissed off, especially when that luggage contain their essential things. But the latter should have learned patience since she is a public figure too.

Second, Tulfo is a journalist. The incident between Claudine and the flight attendant was worth covering. He also believes that the airline employee shouldn’t be treated as what Claudine allegedly did. However, if Tulfo really wants to help the crew, he should have verified the situation first. He only wants to get a SCOOP.

The brawl is now under investigation with a hope that a third party witness or witnesses would surface.

There is a video of the brawl, BUT that is not the whole story. It was just an aftermath. Unfortunately, there is not CCTV camera in the area. And yes, that is how secure the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.


  • sigrid @poshpost

    hmmm…as a journalist, tulfo has license to tape it but he also has the responsibility of interviewing both parties after the altercation.

    as for raymart and claudine, well, they are public figures alright and they shouldn’t be surprised about the press hounding them. they could have asked politely or just totally ignore tulfo. that’s what the media lives for. if they cannot handle another news item, then maybe the should not have been celebs after all.

    celebs are paid dearly not just for performances but also as to how their look, dress, speak, act, etc. getting hounded by the press is just part of the hazards of the trade, much like construction workers getting exposed to dust or chemists getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

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