Why Celebrities Enter Politics?

Most of entertainment figures enjoy their fame. It is a hard-earned reward especially that more and more enters showbiz industry. Whether they admit it or not, many of them uses their fame to win ambitions in the political arena.

As expected, when an actor declared his intention to run for elections, he would reasoned out that he wants to implement true reforms and development with a promise that he won’t become corrupt. Sounds convincing? Unfortunately, some of them are new in politics but move like traditional politicians (TRAPO) already.

However, there are few showbiz personalities who are sincere in serving their people and they’ve got re-elected without poll cheating!

So why some celebrities enter politics? You might agree or disagree.

1. Entertainment is not a stable career.

2. They want to lead. Actors used to follow instructions from directors and playing different roles and all pretentions can be tiring too.

3. They seek developments in areas where they live or grew up.

4. Their relatives and friends are great influence.

5. A high ranking position is more profitable.

6. More business opportunities will come.

Just recently, actor and television host Aga Muhlach declared his intention to run for congressman in Camarines Sur in 2013. The former matinee idol promises not to tarnish the name he has built as an acclaimed actor and a public figure.

Well, let us see. Another icon in the entertainment industry made a promise with a hope that he will not eat his own words in the future. Maybe next time, a singing idol or a national artist would also express intentions to get involve in the Philippine politics.

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  • Karen Hand

    I think one reason that many celebrities run for office is because most have the public vote already and it is easy for them to get elected. As a public figure already, many people relate the actor to his/her character that he/she pays in the movies.

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