Is There A Need To Enhance The Features of Philippine Driver’s License?

Other countries did it good and their people had realized its convenience.

I am referring to the enhanced driver’s licenses (EDL) to the motoring public that was developed by the Ontario government, in consultation with the Government of Canada and United States Government, as a passport alternative for Ontarians who are Canadian citizens to use when entering the U.S. by land or water. These cards are imbedded with radio frequency ID microchips that promote a more expeditious cross-border travel.

In the Philippines, many would believe that it is already time to enhance our driver’s license in a way that it can also function as a smart card. If other government agencies have rolled out their respective transactional cards that have smart card capabilities, why not do it with the driver’s license?

Imagine an ID which is not for the purpose of identification but also can be use as ATM card, a discount card, and a debit card for purchasing goods, availing services and facilitate payments? How convenient, right?

Aside from being a multipurpose card, what’s more important is the addition of security features, given the proliferation of fake license cards. Among these new features include bearing an ISO-certified quality in terms of thickness, peel strength and bending stiffness. The new card can also include high text printing quality and sharp facial images of the licensee for better identification.

These features will make the new driver’s license sturdier with a longer life span. Because of this, the new card will not fall apart when exposed to water or fade when excessively exposed to sunlight, greatly enhancing its durability.

But, are we ready for a driver’s license card that offers more?


  • Resty

    Wow, this is achievable! But I am not sure if the Filipinos are ready for this. Kahit gaano pa kagandang ID, magagaling talaga ang mga sindikato ng pandaraya eh.

  • Cristina

    We are always behind by other countries. We should be doing this enhancement long time ago. It was long overdue. We do have funds already, we do have the system and we have people, so why is it taking that long before gets implemented? The answer is corruption.

  • joy

    enhancing its physical features is okay, but making it as a multi-purpose card, in my opinion is not okay, i’d rather chose it sticked on its sole purpose, other government cards can serve the the multi-purpose features anyway

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