What You Should Have At Hand When An Earthquake Strikes

An earthquake strikes in time that you least expected it. Recently, there are high magnitude recorded quakes not only in the Philippines but also in some parts of the world and the aftershocks are more than a hundred already. Beside preparing a disaster plan, have you already thought about what you should have at hand when an earthquake strikes?

As early as now, you may start keeping the following tools and other important things in a place where you can easily grab them during the emergency:

1. Disaster supplies kit. This includes a flashlight with best rechargeable battery, portable radio, whistle, fire extinguisher, canned foods with can opener, and bottled water. Of course, you should check the expiration date of the canned goods and replace them regularly to keep it fresh.

2. Cash. After an earthquake, you may not be able to withdraw cash from ATM or banks due to expected power failure. It is important to also have small denominations because some cashiers may not be able to give you a change in the aftermath of a quake because their machine won’t work.

3. Important documents. Consider having copies of your important documents or identification cards which could show who you are and your family members.

4. Tools. Keep in handy the tools like adjustable wrench, crowbar, hammer, screwdriver, and pliers. They can be your best saviors.

But there are two things that should be near your bed at all times, especially when an earthquake happens at night:

1. A fully-charged flashlight so you can find your way through your home.

2. A pair of sturdy shoes that you can wear to avoid being hurt of broken glass.

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