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Honest People As Country’s Poster Boys

If the Philippines really wants to uplift more of its image and impress the international community to attract more visitors and investors, why not use as its poster boy those honest Filipinos?

Recently, a coachman or known as ‘Mamang Kutsero’ chose to returned a pouch that contained at least 4,000 euros (or more than P200,000) to his French passenger than become instantly rich.

In a live radio interview, Jaime Mayor, recounted how he saw the poach in his coach when the French tourist about to board another vehicle. When he opened it, he saw the money and immediately chased the tourist. The foreigner hugged and thanked him for his deed.

Few days ago, a building attendant assigned at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) voluntarily turned over a bag containing more than P600,000!

Ronald Gadayan, glass cleaner at the NAIA Centennial Terminal 2, saw the bag under a gang chair at the pre-departure area. The owner of the cash, documents and other valuable items was a businessman Francis Lloyd Ty Chua.

Honest people like them are rare but many are hopeful that one day, all Filipinos can be like that.

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