Political Ambitions Make A Creative Politician

When everybody are on suspense while watching a live boxing fight in a city in Metro Manila, see carefully how a woman inside the ring campaigns for a candidate.

One of the creative politicians in the Philippines.

And oh, here’s their another style.

Would you believe that right after a candidate won in an election and as soon as he assume the post, he will then plan strategies to win the coming election? It may be three to six years ahead. Either for re-election or aiming for a higher position in the government.

Many would say that being a politician is a lucrative business. That’s why even celebrities ran for government positions. They may not admit it.

Until the corruption in the bureaucracy has been cleansed, I bet many would still be interested to run because some of the politicians knows that:

1. They can ROI in just few months by simply approving juicy projects and of course, with their “cut.” ROI or return of investments is what they expensed during the campaign period.

2. They can invest for more properties.

3. They will get protection for their own business. Or, they can start a profitable business.

4. Above all, it’s all about money and power.

But please, I am not referring to all politicians but rather just a majority of them. I am not the only one who would be saying this — there are only few government officials who are sincerely aiming for true public service. And we salute to them!

In few months, there will be another national elections. Unfortunately, many local politicians are now too busy campaigning thus neglecting their sworn duties as elective officials.

Voters must be wiser now. If a candidate did not implemented an honest, long-term, efficient projects and programs in your area, will you vote for him again? Remember, if you let yourself be used by a corrupt politician, the future of your family will suffer too.

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