Good Policemen Still Exist

A lone gunshot wound in the head instantly killed Police Officer 2 Joel Magno of Navotas police.

He was already off-duty then. But when he heard some jeepney passengers crying for help after being victimized by hold-uppers, he did not hesitated to respond in the crime area in Sampaloc, Manila. PO2 Magno was unaware that the suspects were already alighted the jeepney and just waiting for their getaway vehicle. One of the suspects shot him dead and they escaped.

PO2 Magno is one of the few policemen who are dedicated on their mandated duty. Serving the public is their utmost consideration than their own lives. They knew the risks but good policemen are willing to sacrifice everything.

And we are proud of them. We are proud of PO2 Magno and his likes. There are many police officers who did more for other people.

Heroes like PO2 Magno left an agonizing but dignified family.

But all they’re wish for is JUSTICE.

PO2 Magno also proved that not all policemen are corrupt and law breakers. The Philippine National Police may now trying to uplift its degrading image after the series of controversies afflicted the institution. However, this cannot be done by just publicizing to media their efforts, rather, by making sure that all their members are clean and true to their mandate and the public can experience it.

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