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Philippine National Holidays for 2013

The Philippine government has released an infographic of national holidays and special non-working days to enable Filipinos to plan their vacations as early as now. The image was posted on the government’s official Twitter account and summarizes all the holidays under Proclamation No. 459 which was released on September 1 last year.

The last few days of the year would be a perfect time to take your family on a vacation as December 28 and 29 fall on a weekend and are followed by two regular holidays, December 30 and January 1, with December 31 being declared as a special non-working day. Those who are planning on taking their families to destinations with cold climates on those days could take advantage of patagonia fleece clearance sales now. Seat sales and tour packages can also be availed as early as possible to maximize savings.

Here is the complete list of national holidays this 2013:

Regular Holidays

Jan 1 (Tues) : New Year’s Day

Mar 28 (Thurs): Maundy Thursday

Mar 29(Fri) : Good Friday

Apr 9 (Tues): Araw ng Kagitingan

May 1 (Wed) : Labor Day

June 12 (Wed): Independence Day

Aug 26 (Mon) : National Heroes Day

Nov 30 (Sat): Bonifacio Day

Dec 25 (Wed): Christmas Day

Dec 30 (Mon) : Rizal Day

Special (Non-Working) Days

Mar 30 (Sat): Black Saturday

Aug 21 (Wed): Ninoy Aquino Day

Nov 1 (Fri): All Saints Day

Additional special (non-working) days
Nov. 2 (Sat)
Dec. 24 (Tues)
Dec 31 (Tues)Last Day of the Year

Special Holiday (for all schools)

Feb 25 (Mon) : EDSA Revolution Anniversary


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