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US Homeowners Warned Against Moving Scams

The US government has recently indicted the owner of Golden Hands of Colorado for a long list of charges including extortion and theft.  This came after a couple of Federal Bureau of Investigation posed as customers and entered into a moving contract with the company.  Already armed with video evidence surrendered by real customers, the Feds went undercover and discovered the scrupulous practices of Golden Hands.

According to reports, there usually is an online company that books moving deals at very low prices that homeowners simply find too difficult to refuse.  Once the deal is booked, they farm the jobs out to real movers who then jack up the price that their customers have to pay.  It is at this point when people are made to pay much more than what was initially agreed upon.  Since the movers have their belongings, these homeowners do not have much of a choice but to give in to the demands of the movers.

Authorities are advising people who are planning to hire moving companies to take out their  prescription glasses from and review the terms of their moving contract thoroughly.  Legitimate movers would be able to send their representatives to their customers’ homes to make an accurate estimate of the moving job.  These companies would also have provisions in the contract that protects the customers against undue increases in the initial contract price.


  • April Skidgel

    I hope that these types of businesses could all be shut down!! My friend moved from Colorado to Maine and the movers literally held her stuff in order to have her pay more. I will not say the name b/c now it is a legal case but the truck driver had a big moving truck sit at the end of her driveway(blocking anyone from going in or out)and would not budge. He was very intimidating considering she is a single Mom. Thank you for putting this company in the light.

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