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Gadhafi’s death

Libyans and other foreign countries are celebrating the death of their long-time dictator leader, Muammar Gadhafi.

Indeed a momentous day for every one who are advocating democracy and freedom.

But how did Gadhafi died? He may be the most evil person in the world but does he deserved disrespect?

Base on the amateur video above, he’s still alive when captured by the Libyan rebels. So what happened next? It was reported that he was shot in the head. Will this only reflects how Libyans’s anger pushed them to kill their former leader? Obviously.

We hope that what happened to Gadhafi will serve as an eye opener for others leaders to serve their countrymen well.


  • arcee

    you’re right, this should serve as a lesson for everyone…power-hunger will never earn better things…1st time here and looks like i’m reading a newspaper, very nice blog…will be checking in on here more often.

  • Self Deprecate Political Humor

    Not thrilled with the way the rebels handled his capture but Gadhafi had ample opportunity to flee the country.

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