Aquino’s Man A Piracy Poster Boy?

The Philippine government is serious on its campaign against piracy. Really? So why Presidential Political Adviser Ronald Llamas bought pirated DVDs in a mall?

Is Llamas trying to prove that the government’s drive against piracy is weak?

According to the Optical Media Board (OMB), purchasing pirated for personal use is not penalized by law, however, if it is more than 8 pieces it could be use for business and that is against the law.

So why President Aquino is reluctant to act against his man? Is it the policy of the incumbent administration to tolerate bad boys in the cabinet?

UPDATE: Just today, President Aquino was quoted that the eradication of piracy is not his priority.

“That DVD (piracy) is perhaps somewhere below in our priority list. We have so many other problems like the spiraling prices of oil and the tensions in Iran.”

Oh yes. The Chief Executive seems to ignore the fact that such illegal activity is killing the local film and music industries.

Then again, instead of acting against Llamas, that for the second time around was involved in a controversy, he came into his defense.

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