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China’s First Female Astronaut Sent Into Space

It can be called as the most ambitious space mission but definitely a first time for China to send a female astronaut into space.

The Shenzhou 9 space rocket was launched Saturday, June 16, 2012 with Liu Yang, 33, and two male colleagues – Jing Haipeng, 45 and Liu Wang, 43 -  to work on a temporary space station for a week. They are all experienced pilots and officers at the Chinese Air Force. It was reported that two of the astronauts will live and work inside the module to test its life-support systems while the third will remain in the capsule to deal with any unexpected emergencies.

This move was part of China’s space program which has been a source of enormous national pride for the country. It will only reflects its rapid economic and technological progress and their ardor to become one of the world’s leading nations. Obviously, sending a woman for the first time into space will give boost to its program.

Also, one of the China’s possible future missions include sending a man to the moon. Will China dare to send another female astronaut into the moon?

Some would not help it but wonder how hard it can be to serve as an astronaut, especially for a female. It is a fact that woman has many extra necessities for herself, like hygienic needs. Of course, she wouldn’t care anymore about bringing argan oil for hair from her favorite Argan Oil Shop but at least she must bring something to keep her looks fresh during those tough times on duty.

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