Will There Be Another Dolphy?

(UPDATED on July 10, 2012) He is a long time and the only known as king of comedy in the Philippine movie and entertainment industry.

Rodolfo ‘Dolphy” Quizon made every Filipino’s heart warm and happy with his original style of presenting comedy films and shows.

Nowadays, there are more showbiz personalities who followed his footsteps but no one, yet, beat his remarkable and effortless performances.

Dolphy, is one of a kind great actor of his time.

I grew up watching him and suddenly he was lost in the air because of his battle against diseases since 2009. Maybe some people did not notice his absence but for those he made them laugh surely got worried about his condition.

Dolphy survived more than 10 pneumonia in just less than a year. It is unlikely for an 83 year old man who are supposed to have weak immune system. But he is a fighter. He was diagnosed of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseas or COPD and had problems in his internal organs, especially his kidney which led to undergo him to dialysis. But then, he keeps fighting.

Indeed, it was a roller coaster ride for Dolphy. However, many would believed that he fought for his life not just to return into his normal condition but he wants to have more time to be with his whole family, at least for his remaining days in the earth.

Not just his family had prayed for a miracle, but most Filipinos did. Nevertheless, he already left the people who love and admire him as a person and as a true artist.

It was confirmed by his family members that around 8:40 in the evening of July 10, 2012, the comedy king died.

Wherever he is, we knew he became happy.

For the last time, he give the love and smile  he always share to his fans and to his family. We should not cry on his dilemma but give him a cry of happiness for somehow he touched our lives.

A sweet goodbye to Mang Kosme.

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