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Who Is The True Killer?

While I am writing this post, my heart is still mourning for a death of an old man. He is not a relative nor a friend but a total stranger. He died few minutes ago, as confirmed by the doctors.

He could have survived if some people had a heart to help him. This old man deserve to die with dignity.

Early in the morning while sipping my hot coffee in a press office, I received an information about a man who just fell down and died while walking in a busy street of Aurora Boulevard in Cubao, Quezon City. I went to the area to confirm and it breaks my heart to see an old man lying beside the street and apparently, lifeless.

I knew it was a heart attack because I did not see any visible wounds in his body. He still wear his backpack and a small box beside him. What happened to this man?

As I investigate and had asked some witnesses, I learned that the man had an epileptic episode while on board a passenger jeepney going to Marikina. And instead of sending him to the hospital, he was pulled out from the jeepney and was abandoned in the street. That was being inhumane!

Then the jeepney sped off away from the area. Unfortunately, none of the witnesses had seen the plate number of the jeepney.

Two police mobile units had responded in the area but the authorities did not bring the victim to the hospital. That was allegedly because they’re waiting for the proper police unit to investigate the body first before touching it. They have thought that the man was already dead.

It took an hour before the operatives of Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit arrived. Senior Police Office 1 Lazo immediately decided to bring the man in the hospital.

The victim was Silverio Marquez Benigo. He could have survived if he was sent to the hospital earlier. He may have a heart attack or epilepsy, there could be a good percentage that he would still be alive.

Now tell me, who is the true killer?


  • sigrid @ poshpost

    Oh my…I thought stories like these only happen in China where people keep to themselves. So sad. We are too cooped up with our daily lives that we forget things like these happen around us. 🙁

  • A Woman's Nook

    It’s so hard to believe that no one helped him. So sad that people tend to go about their lives with such busyness.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  • Rebel Sweetheart

    My god. I feel so bad for the poor man. Sure the jeepney driver was an a*****e for not even bothering to take the man to the hospital considering he already has the transportation, I think it’s even more stupid that none of the bystanders even dared to check if the old man can still be revived or not.

    Society, we are so cruel. 🙁

  • blankpixels

    Awww… 🙁

    Kakalungkot naman. Tsk. I hope his family gets to bury him. Sana magkita na sila.

    Ang sakit lang isipin that no one bothered to help him. His life could’ve been saved. 🙁

  • Roviedear

    oh my god, naiyak ko when reading this. 🙁 i hope people will be more concerned with others. i mean pano pag sa kanila nangyari yun? diba? im so sad with this 🙁

  • Niña Llagono

    For me may naintindihan naman din ako doon sa mga taong hindi tumulong agad, kung bakit hindi nila basta basta tinulungan yung guy, kasi nga may sinasabing bawal basta-basta na lang hawakan yung victim, meron din kasi puwedeng eksena lang para makapagnakaw sa isang tao, meron din mga nagtitrip, pero siguro ang mali lang hindi agad naireport at naaksiyunan marahil nauna yung pag usyuso sa nangyari dun sa guy, maganda lang talaga pag may nangyaring ganito mag report agad para magawan agad ng solusyon.

  • Crystal Cruz

    sa totoo lang ayoko makakita ng ganito kasi the last time nakakita ako it took 2 weeks bagoako maka move on. isip ako ng isip gabi gabi at kahit hindi ko kaano ano iniiyakan ko pag naaalala ko. nakakita naman ako nabundol grabe talga. nawala ako sa sarili ko ng 1 oras,nakatingin lang ako kahit alam kung may hinahabol akong oras. hayy. nakakaawa naman ung old man. baka kilala ko pa ung matanda kasi tiga marikina ako. 🙁

  • Erica M. Baylosis

    naka2lungkot yung mga ganito 🙁 sna may ng patrolya na pulis sa time na yun. kawawa si manong 🙁 rest in peace po

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