Wanted: Wise Voters For Election 2013

Come February 12, the campaign period for candidates for senator and for party-list groups will officially start.  But candidates for the House of Representatives and elective regional, provincial, city, and municipal officials will have to wait until March 29 to begin their campaigns. 

From then until May 11, candidates will strive to reach as many voters using available forms of lawful election propaganda.

Once campaign period officially starts, expect a deluge of appearances on television and radio of electoral candidates.  Candidates for National Elective Positions are allowed no more than an aggregate total of 120 minutes of television advertising and 180 minutes of radio advertising.  Those vying for Local Elective Positions are allowed no more than an aggregate total of 60 minutes of television advertising and 90 minutes of radio advertising.

To reach out personally to voters, candidates hold campaign sorties where they are allowed to hand out pamphlets, decals, stickers, and other lawful forms of election propaganda.   With campaign sorties resembling noontime shows, it’d be no surprise if we see musicians toting guitar cases to entertain the crowd in between speeches of electoral candidates. 

Hopefully, voters would be wise enough to elect those that are truly worthy to serve our government.  Otherwise, we would end up with government officials more fit for the silver screen than the hallowed halls of Congress.


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