Vandalism: Politician’s New Venue For Early Campaigning?

For many politicians — the earlier you campaign, the better. This is said to be helpful especially to those who are newbie in politics. But most traditional politicians (trapo) are into early campaigning, which is supposedly a clear violation of the Omnibus Election Code.

Of course, they could have an excuse. Merely posting their faces or names in public places doesn’t mean they are campaigning already. As long as they did not put the word “VOTE” on their posters, they can get away from any liability.

But poster makers would probably loss huge profits because politicians and their strategists are very wise now. They do not waste funds on the production of banners which can be easily torn by wind or pointed objects. Instead, they resorted into using paints and maximizing the blank walls along the busy streets and markets.

If you’re against the politician who scribbled their names in a wall, would you make an effort to buy a liter of paint to erase it?


Some of the politicians would claim initiating Asphalt Overlay or water project. Oh, they are working for the benefit of their constituents? Claiming a government project as their own but using the public funds? Now, how are we going to call it, vandalism of EPALs??

I just wonder if the property owners knew that their walls have been “vandalized” by the politicians. In most countries, marking or painting property without the property owner’s consent is considered defacement and vandalism, which is a punishable crime.


  • Dorothy Boucher

    interesting review, i think most who are running for any seat usually start early, putting signs up or getting there names out, but i think its because part of a ritual, Don’t think many actually think on there own anymore……….

  • Mary Mirvis

    Politicians should really be above tactics like this. It’s sad that so much political effort goes into getting elected, it gets in the way of efforts to actually improve the lives of citizens.

  • Lauryn Heintzelman

    Ehh I at least think the owners should consent before doing that. I’d be mad having to repaint that if I didn’t allow it. We one good thing is that you can steal them LOL!

  • Karen Hand

    How does the old phrase go, “The early bird catches the worm.” For individuals who are running for office, who have not held a public office prior needs to start the compaigning early to get the face and name recognitition that it takes to be elected. Unless the candidate is out in the public campaigning every single day, a potential voter will not know who the particular individual is. I do not agree with defacing other candidate’s posters and signs. To me that is not fair to the opponent, and if the candidate is going to deface other’s properly now before the election, what is he going to do once he/she is elected.

  • Debbie

    Political Graffetti is what it is, and yes they should be punished and fined if they do not have permission from the property owners to paint on their property.

  • Bidisha Banerjee

    Politicians should really avoid such tactics. It is sad that so much political effort goes into getting elected but they do not use their position to actually improve the lives of citizens.

  • Erica M. Baylosis

    shocks ! in our place , valenzuela city all of the street has so many poster of the politician . im so sad because they are just wasting money , . sana they use it nalang in good manner like having a feeding program

  • carla venice relayo

    what’s new in politics..that’s the wrong doing of every politicians. we should have at least reinforcing them to be more practical instead wasting their money on tarpaulins and other campaign materials

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