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US Woman Gave Birth To Her Grandson

It may not be the first time in other countries but I only now heard of this kind a surprising but somehow touching story of a woman who gave birth to her grandson.

In a report from Portland Press Herald newspaper, Linda Sirois gave birth on August 13 for her daughter, Angel Hebert. The 49-year old woman from the United States were convinced to become a gestational surrogate for her daughter after being advised not to become pregnant because of a heart condition.

It took several years before Sirois accepted the offer. The Hebert couple got the word  last summer. Sirois has four children, including twins, and her youngest kids are in college. She said she thought this pregnancy might have been her easiest.

Now, the twenty-five-year-old Angel Hebert said her baby was “eating like a champ and he doesn’t fuss too much.”

Human Interest

The reality dictates that not every couple can have kids. They may even got the best wedding planner Lauderdale County or the most creative wedding designer and decorator Meridian MS, they cannot have it all. Or it would take a very long time before they can finally have their own. But the case of Hebert, it was impossible.

The story above was just to prove how a mother can bear any kind of sacrifices for the sake of her children. It was not explained in the report how the mother got pregnant for her daughter’s son but I am sure, she did not went through such situation easily. However, it could be a fulfilling mission for her. She would have lost her daughter if she did not accepted it.


  • Rose C.

    That is a touching but weird story. This story just really goes to show that a mother will do anything in her power to be there for her kids.

  • Karen Hand

    Indeed a weird but touching story. I wonder how the 49 year old mother carried the baby, was it easy for her or was she sick the entire pregnancy. Your article states that she had an easy delivery, however, at that age, I’m sure she didn’t have an easy pregnancy, unless she was in great physical condition to begin with.

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