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Unwanted Ads on Mobile Numbers: An Intrusion Of Privacy

Almost everyday, I am receiving text messages from unknown mobile numbers offering me to acquire a property like condominium units and to avail fast loans. Some would invite me to buy their products, gadgets and attend bodega sales, among others.

Some of the messages were came from the numbers below:























I really wonder how did they get my number when in fact, only limited people knew my NEW Globe postpaid line. It was just so frustrating and irritating when you were busy doing something then you’ve heard an incoming text message. You cannot ignore it because it might be an important message too, however, when you checked the text message, you would only read unwanted offers.

Ironically, this offer happens only on my post-paid mobile subscription. I have a pre-paid number too but I did not get such hard promos and advertisements.

Would Globe Telecomm want me to suspect that my number was sold to some companies for them to place their ads? I learned from a friend who worked in a telecommunication firm about selling ads in one peso per mobile number, in a monthly basis. So, if there are P1 million subscribers, that would mean easy P1 million in a month? I cannot prove this, though. But the experience of receiving ads without permission is enough to consider as privacy intrusion.

I have asked the customer service of Globe Telecomm, they just denied it. Of course, the agents would not know anything or aren’t they?


  • Brooke Adametz

    I often get messages like that too and I’ve always just assumed it was shady selling from websites and stuff that I’ve signed up for. Its really disheartening to hear that even if you don’t personally give your number out that it may still be sold anyway!

  • Karen Hand

    It is frustrating to say the least to receive these calls at all hours of the day and night and even more so to suspect that your number has been sold to varous companies. Years ago, I registered our telephone numbers, both cell phone and home phone lines with the National Do Not Call list. I do get some text messages occasionally from advertising companies, but knock on wood, I haven’t received any phone calls yet. Have you tried calling one of the numbers and ask them to take your name off their list?


    It is ridiculous that a person has to fear any “unknown”phone number showing up on their phones! I for one, cannot even take a nap in the day, no matter what time it is, these people (who I really want to give a nasty name to) have NO respect towards anyone & when they have the opportunity to speak to someone who does answer the unknown callers, they push & push you to listen to all the babbling about how you are the winner or the one person chose out of thousands & they want to trick you into thinking it’s all “The Real Deal”, when in fact, at the end of the day, it’s just a job, with a written skit they read from & a telephone they use as a weapon. So, what do we do about it???

  • Pal Raine

    I received that kind of annoying message too when I am still using GLOBE PLAN. Yes, you’re right it is very irritating. Hope GLOBE TELECOM can read this post of yours so that they would know what is going on with their line.

  • Joanne

    To be honest, I’m a real estate agent from Robinsons land. I used to buy numbers 3 years ago from a telephone company at puro Globe lang talaga nabibili. I’m buying numbers for me to advertise the condos that I’m selling. Funny thing lang, kasi kahit ako nakakareceive ng such advertisements. Maigi nga ireklamo na sa globe.

  • Steve del Castillo

    yes its true its kind of irritating some spam messages would bother especially when you are waiting for some important messages. NTC should look into this cause it invades our privacy!

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