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There Is No Room for Childish Acts in Helping the Fight Against Criminality

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar recently confirmed that the local executive in Metro Manila who committed “childish acts” is Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro.

Teodoro is said to be the mayor who Philippine National Police Chief General Oscar Albayalde referred as the one who withdrew support to the policemen in his area.

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Albayalde earlier revealed that the mayor got irked when he was not informed that the Chief of Police in the city was promoted to a new post and a new acting chief was assigned.

Under the law, local chief executives may choose who will be appointed as Chief of Police in their area from the list of officers recommended by the PNP. However, Albayalde explained that the PNP may also assign an officer-in-charge even before the mayor assigns a permanent police chief.

Eleazar said Mayor Teodoro cancelled the gas assistance for police mobiles for a day. The Mayor returned the allowance a day after but only a third of the regular allocation.

Does the Mayor Knows The Consequences of His Action?

Maybe Mayor Teodoro had his reasons for doing so. He might felt overshadowed by the PNP top brass or disrespected for not being properly informed of the reshuffle.

However, maybe he realized the possible effects of cutting support of his local government to the policemen in his city when he reinstated the gas allowances, though not in full.

While there is no law violated when the Mayor cut the assistance to the police force in his area, will he take the responsibility if there will be negative consequences?

As how we understand it, elected officials are also mandated to serve and protect their constituents.

The law guarantee the power of local executives over the local policemen, but this is not absolute due to limitations. Afterall, the Mother unit of the police forces assigned in cities, towns and municipalities is none other than the PNP. All policemen will be accountable to the PNP and not to any local official.

What Could Be the Effects?

It is unfortunate that the budget of our national police is not enough to cover all the needs of its members and the operations. The PNP appreciates all the support it can acquire in legal means to win the fight against criminal syndicates and lawless elements.

The support from the local government units (LGUs) — gas allowances, food allowances, rice allowances and among others — is like a traditional act that PNP is much thankful of. Any useful aid for them to accomplish their mandated task of protecting the society is welcome.

If the local government head ceased the support, the PNP can augment. However, there will have some setbacks. In fact, even when the LGU support the local police they are still experiencing scarcity, what could be situation if there’s no local support at all?

Just think of this, an organization with enough resources and support will be productive and excel in their operations or functions.

This is the same with the Philippine National Police. And the security should never be sacrificed to any political or personal reasons.

Maybe the next time we act childishly, think of what and who will be affected.

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