Suicide, An Admission of Guilt?

News about former Secretary Angelo Reyes’ apparent suicide is all over the internet, television networks, radio stations and expected to monopolize the tomorrow’s newspaper headlines.

Some people judged him as guilty after apparently committing suicide.

Others presumed that maybe Reyes failed to carry on with the political pressures which leads to his decision to end his life.

However, we really don’t know why Reyes did such sin. If everybody don’t believe you no matter how you explain or if you and your family were relentlessly being dragged to controversies, what would you do to end it?

Of course, Reyes’ death will not vindicate him from the allegations of anomalies. But still, he is presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty in the court.

Not everyone knows that sometimes, there’s behind (mostly funded) the twists in the investigations such as legislative hearings. 

Who knows, maybe someone or some group moved to pinned down Reyes?And the former secretary is such a weakling or maybe he was too depressed.

The thing is, how he can defend himself now?

I believe Reyes knew more. Deep, mammoth secrets. Well, dead men tell no tales.

I just hope that Reyes’ death would not be in vain and the government should further heighten their resolve to effect reform not only in the AFP but the entire bureaucracy as well.


  • Aphrodite's Mortal Friend

    Oh boy … you wrote a nice post … I hope everyone that told you they were following are also taking head in your thoughts … suicide is such a hard thing to pass judgement on- it encompasses so many things …

  • Anonymous

    i am convinced that he is guilty, di nya kayang harapin ang dapat nyang panagutan. i thought ang sundalo e matapang at malakas, some of them physically strong lang pala, emotionally weak din like the others

  • J Allyssa

    I think he is guilty. Regardless sana hindi sya nag-suicide. You can always face the consequences and live a life na peaceful afterwards. May his soul rest in peace. 

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