Storage Solutions For Your Business

Growing business need more room. It’s that simple. From pallet storage through to totes, trays and bins, there are thousands of options available to help with your business storage needs.

Whatever storage problem you’re facing, you can find safe and efficient storage solutions from specialist storage companies like Elbowroom. Read on to find some business storage tips.

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Pallet Racking

If space is a premium at your place of business then this may be the option for you. Essentially pallet racking is a method for storing materials (or boxes of paperwork) on – you guessed it – pallets. You’ll often see this kind of storage option being used in large warehouses where racks, on which the pallets sit, can be doubled or tripled up to provide additional storage. Need more storage space? Just double the depth of your racks. There are several different pallet racking set-ups so just speak to an expert for the best advice.


Drowning in paperwork is not an option but off-site archiving is. If your business generates a large amount of paperwork then archiving is just what you’ll be looking for. Record management of archived materials is strongly recommended. Essentially your business paperwork (the stuff you don’t need regular access to) is put into a carton and allocated a number. When you need to access it, you call your storage facility and they bring the box to your place of business. A simple, and relatively painless way to manage documentation.


Running a business generates a billion different types of paperwork and the good news is that not all of them need to be kept in a physical (hard copy) format. A lot of those boxes of forms, statements and invoices can be converted to an electronic (soft/digital copy) format and stored as PDFs, Jpegs or other electronic file types. Buy yourself a scanner and an external hard drive and get converting. It is strongly recommended that you visit your local and/or national government archives web-sites for further information on what originals need to be retained.


No! We’re not suggesting that you throw all your paperwork away – that would be irresponsible and, quite possibly, illegal. Plastic bins, tubs and trays are an excellent low-cost way to manage your business’s storage requirements. Most bins, tubs and trays (also known as stacking and nesting crates) are designed to fit safely on top of one another so as your storage needs grow it’s a simple case of adding to the existing bin (or tub or tray). Just be sure to mark the contents on the front or keep a colour-coded record of what has gone where.

On or Off-Site Storage

All of the above storage solution tips can be implemented on-site or off-site, depending on the frequency of access required and available storage space at your place of business. All storage options require strict management so you can easily access what you’re looking for – it’s no good storing equipment, supplies or paperwork anywhere if you don’t know how to find it.

What are your business storage tips? Leave them below!

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