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Since the United States first became an independent country the safety and security of its citizens was never in question where foreign entities were of concern. That is until September 11th, 2001 when all of this changed. Terrorist attacks that occurred right on home soil made every American citizen feel vulnerable to the hatred others held towards them simply for their nationality. This was a day when fear was present in the minds and hearts of every people both near and far who held an American citizenship status.

Today there are many experts working behind the scenes to create and carry out plans that provide for the safety and security of Americans on home and foreign lands. These individuals are working hard to put tools and technology to use for the best possible results where acts of terrorism are a plausible threat. These professionals are addressing concerns of violent acts within the travel industry, at major national events, and even within the import-export industry, among others. Their expertise is giving them the ability to utilize resources that are already available and are still in need of being created to stop others with evil thoughts from harming any more American citizens due to their violent attempts.

Working in one of the highest positions within the federal government, individuals such as Robert Bratt are working diligently to take a proactive approach to stop terrorism and those carrying out these acts before any harm is sustained. These individuals are always working to stay on top of issues such as immigration, tourism, and other ports of entry in which terrorist can enter the country. They are always faced with criticism from others that find the services and systems in which these experts put into place for the protection of all American citizens that find them to be an inconvenience.

Top officials within organizations such as the National Immigration and naturalization Service, SAIC, Unisys, and DLA Piper are all within the heart of the fight on terrorism within the United States. They work in unison to create plans and systems that are trusted by billions of people every day. These prominent individuals have realized that not everyone understands the importance of their job positions because future terrorist attacks are always going to be of concern to anyone that was present during the 9/11 attacks.

To help bring awareness to the fight on terrorism and violence in the United States many that head these organizations in America are working hard to educate the U.S. citizens. You can find their efforts documented in blogs, on social networking websites, and other forums around the internet that are available. These online websites provide resources for educating yourself; keep you up to date on progresses that have been made, and even provide you with information as to new systems and procedures that are in the works. The added comforts that these sites are providing citizens of the country are priceless. The skepticism for the efforts being made is decreasing, as well.

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