Some Great Features of the Acekard

The new generation gaming devices have facilitated excellent gaming experience for their users. The best part is that these devices provide more than just gaming, as you can watch movies, play songs and read books.

The Acekard family has dedicated its inventions for making this experience even better. One good thing about these cards is that you do not have to flash mod your machine with special firmware nor you need to have pass-me adaptor.

The card is compatible with all DS editions. It supports both Wi-Fi and home brew games. Here are some of the other features of the card which make it so popular.

Ease of saving data – It facilitates easy file saving. You do not have to save individual files manually. AK allows you to directly save data on the microSD card. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Support of the best team of experts – The AK team is known for its quality service and timely updates.

Play home brew games – It gives you freedom to save a game and play it as many times as you want. With such a large memory space you can create your own collection of your favorite games.

Easy to operate – The simple functions and simplified menu options make this card so popular. People who do not know much about technology can easily navigate through and manage the data. Its simple plug and play function makes it all the more better.

Supports external memory – It supports memory cards ranging from 2 GB space to 32 GB space. It is due to the fact that it has an internal memory as well as it supports external microSD card.

Trims unnecessary data – It has a smart built-in function of removing unnecessary files from the saved data. Now you do not have to waste time in manually deleting files which are of no use.

Multi lingual – One of the major reasons for its success around the globe is that it supports 8 languages. The best feature of this card however is that you can do a number of things using it. You can play games, listen songs, watch movies and read books.

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