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Rewarding the Good Eggs and Punishing the Bad Eggs in the Police Force

When those who are expected to shield innocent people from harm are the ones who committed misdeeds, then who will guarantee public security and safety? This is not to cast doubts in our authorities but to serve as a wake-up call for everyone.

In every organization, there are what they called the “bad eggs” or the corrupt and abusive individuals staining the image of the institution.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is no exemption.

PNP National Capital Regional Police Office Director Major General Guillermo Eleazar lost his temper to Police Corporal Marlo Quibete of Eastern Police District-District Drug Enforcement Unit (EPD-DDEU) when he was caught in the act of extorting money from the family of a drug suspect.

General Eleazar will never be sorry for what he did to Quibete, and he won the public trust for not tolerating such bad member in the police ranks.

Another active police officer, Police Officer 1 Ferdinand Rafael of Manila Police District (MPD) got scolded by General Eleazar when he was nabbed for illegal drug peddling and use.

Two policemen were also arrested and charged for moonlighting or illegally escorting a businessman in Pasay City.

General Eleazar has repeatedly gave reminders to the police force not to engage in illegal activities for they will face the sanctions of the laws. He stressed that the PNP will never stop in its efforts to eradicate the police scalawags.

It’s a known knowledge that there are few bad eggs in the police force. With the heightened campaign of the PNP’s Counter Intelligence Task Force, policemen who were caught in illegal activities or the so-called police scalawags are now charged and detained. And with the public’s help, there will be more to be apprehended in an aim to cleanse the police ranks.

Yes, There Are Good Eggs

It’s every policeman’s mandate to serve and protect humanity. But little had been reported in the media that there are policemen who are willing to risk their lives to keep us safe. And they have been rewarded by the PNP leadership for bravery and dedication to their duties.

Some police officers who recently received Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting (PNP Wounded Personnel Medal) are the following: PO3 Christina Villanueva, PO1 Arman Cañezares, SPO1 Jerry Pascual, PO1 Jonathan Peralta, PO1 Marino Dulagan and PO1 Leo Mar Orence.

Among those who received Medalya ng Kagalingan are: Police Chief Inspector Sandie Caparroso, Police Chief Inspector Alfonso Saligumba III, SPO2 Emilio ABoyolen, PO3 Mario Maramag, PO2 Marlon Ico, PO2 Raymund John Sansano, PO1 Eustaquio Nuarin II, PO1 Francis Miko Bose, PO1 Rodel Sibal, PO1 Marvin Fang-asan, PO1 Roy Uanan, PO1 Eddie-son Galpao.

Should these accounts of rewarding the “good eggs” encourage the “bad cops” to do what is right and just? Wealth acquired by felonious means will eventually lost but practicing virtuous deeds is honorable and priceless.

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