Reasons To Pursue Healthcare Administration As A Career

Healthcare administration isn’t frequently thought of as a “hot” or “wild” career field. We frequently see rhetoric about science and engineering degrees, but we don’t see much about administration. While it doesn’t sound glamorous on the surface, healthcare administration is a deep field with a lot of nuance, a lot of promise, and increasing demand for professionals. There are a lot of reasons demand for healthcare administration is on the rise, and while it is by no means a perfect storm, there are a number of compelling reasons to pursue healthcare administration as a career.

First is the political climate. Many places are implementing powerful changes in the healthcare industry. Regardless of the political connotations, this means a lot of big changes happening in a field that requires perfectionism. This creates an increased demand for new professionals who can more rapidly adjust to the new rules, regulations and expectations of a changing industry. This isn’t a permanent consideration, but it’s one that’s worth taking into account.

Next is the expansion of the industry. Even in the midst of an economic downturn, the healthcare industry consistently grows. Healthcare is something that scales consistently with a rising population. Unlike some fields which have relatively static demand, healthcare is always growing, and this in turn means that an increased number of healthcare administrators are required. Again, this is something that we hear about frequently from the hard sciences, but it doesn’t garner the same publicity. It lacks the headline glamor of other fields.

Lastly, healthcare administration is increasingly being seen as attractive by those that would like to have a career that makes a difference. Many pursue a medical degree and become a doctor to assist individuals directly, but a healthcare administrator has some say and influence over access to medical care. They by no means have absolute power, or the ability to intervene in individual cases, but they have more power over the general state of affairs than doctors that are often frustrated by their lack of ability to assist those in need. As more come to realize this, they frequently pursue an MBA in healthcare administration to see to changes themselves.

Healthcare administration may not seem like a glamorous field on the surface, but it’s no less intense than any other. Understanding what healthcare administration can really do for a community is leading more to commit to it as a career field, and with demand consistently growing, there’s no wonder why.

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