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PMA Alumni Homecoming 2014

One of the most awaited events in Fort Del Pilar in Baguio City is the PMA Alumni Homecoming where officers are commended for their selfless service for the country and where outstanding alumni are also given recognition for their achievements. This year’s homecoming will be celebrated with a series of activities from February 16 to 19. Aside from the traditional Alumni Parade, there will be the PMA Alumni Battle of Classes Golf Tournament, a fun run, and the PMA Canteen Cup.

The host class this year is the Philippine Military Academy Masikhay Class of 1999 who are also celebrating their 15th year of graduation. Among the social responsibilities of the Masikhay Class 1999 are to help the members of the class and their dependents who have medical and other special needs, to help children who are being raised in orphanages, and to help underprivileged students and schools.

As the PMA Alumni Homecoming draws near, officers’ wives and daughters are now eagerly shopping for their homecoming dresses 2014. Considering that the Masikhay Class of 1999’s thrust is philanthropic, the guests would do well to remember to be prudent in choosing their homecoming dresses. Here are some things they may want to consider:

1. Dress Your Age – That fabulous cocktail dress with sexy lace and cutouts may look gorgeous on the mannequin but it may not be appropriate for your age. Choose a dress that would showcase your poise and elegance.

2. Dress Comfortably – The homecoming involves hobnobbing with other guests which means you’d be spending plenty of time standing or walking around. Make sure that your dress and shoes are comfortable so you can be relaxed and not uptight the entire night.

3. Wear A Smile – A charmingly beautiful smile is the best accessory you can wear with any outfit.

An officer’s wife or daughter should not have to spend tens of thousands for a dress. A simple cocktail dress would suffice. After all, it’s not the fancy designer ball gown or the sparkling jewels that make one an officer’s lady – it’s a heart that serves her man, her family, and her country that does.

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