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PLDT And My Blood Pressure

It is not a good way to start a new year. A failed service from Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT Co.)…again.

Just few days before a month of subscribing from PLDT, I almost lost my patience.

First, I got myDSL connection activated only after eight days of waiting since installation last December 8, 2010.

I tirelessly called up their customer service hotlines every day for follow up and thanked God, I had my internet connection but only on December 16. Should I ask for a rebate for their disappointing service?

And now, a very slow internet connection…I can’t open many websites! I thought DSL is better that broadband. I was wrong.

When I asked their hotline 172 repair service assistant, I was told.. “Iyan lang po ang speed na base sa binabayaran nyo sa inyong plan.”

Well, for a Bundle Plan 990, PLDT claimed that I could use up to 384 kbps. But I can’t even reach 300kbps!! That’s according to their speed test website (it took me about half an hour to upload).

So, does it mean I have to be contented with the dense internet connection? Do PLDT think I could still use this service when I cannot be able to surf sites that I needed to visit everyday, inline with my work or important personal use? Is it that a waste of almost a thousand bucks?

I used to have low blood pressure (90/60). That’s my normal rate. But it reached to 130/100 when I got angry with PLDT!

So sorry for me, I stuck with a year subscription or else I’ll pay for the early termination of their service.


  • Silvergirl

    relax lang!!! baka mapano ka 🙂 i have my dsl, pero ang bilis niya, 990 din binabayaran ko. pero i can open many browser.. You deserve a rebates, tawagan mo kaya biling nila at sabihin mo ung mga time wala ka internet. kasi yan din ginawa ko non, so i got my rebates in the next month..

    happy new year

  • Anonymous

    as much as possible i do not call the pldt customer service, paulit ulit lang sasabihin sa yo, and they can never answer your querries, instead they will just end up making a report on your reklamo. it is still best to email them and adress it to the proper authorities

  • dothy

    tama c mommy joy, email them instead of calling. usually kc wala silang ginagawa pag tawag lang. kahit ibang telecoms companies ganyan din…

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