Negligence Can Kill

In the Philippines, March is a fire prevention month because of the summer season. Yet, most of the fire incidents happened during this month.

Fire can happen anytime if safety measures are neglected. Loosing properties is not as painful as loosing lives.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which is commonly use in the households or food stores considered as the most cause of fire cases.

But there are more that you need to learn about LPG and how can you avoid a tragedy to happen in you and your family’s lives.

Click the LPG safety tips below and it will redirect you to the slides, courtesy of PR Gaz Group of Companies.




Last week, a group of mommy bloggers visited PR Gaz’s plant in Pasig City as part of the celebration of Women’s Month and Fire Prevention Month.

PR Gaz is one of the Philippines’ leading LPG brand and innovator of the country’s first LPG convenience store- PR Gaz Haus.

Some of them brought their family members as this is a very important activity of sharing awareness on LPG safety for everyone.

A lot of things were learned from that tour.

By the way, if you’re looking for a local business that gives you security and provides the opportunity to personally serve the needs of families in your community, PR Gaz is the choice for you.

The total estimated investment would be P1.2 million to P1.5 million in 5 years of renewable franchise agreement. The returned of investment is from 2 to 2 and half years depending on the aggressiveness of the franchisee.

Know more how to apply by contacting PR Gaz Franchising Corporation at landline (+632) 571-77-71 local 231, mobile number 0917-8177429, email them at or visit their website at

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  • Cielo

    As a consumer to know where your products came from. I salute PR Gas too for initiating this event specially on their LPG safety awareness campaign.

    How I wish I have that money too, LPG is a viable business indeed.

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