More Sufferings for Filipinos

How an ordinary Filipino, especially with a big family could handle this?

This is a classic example of a domino effect.

1. Fare hike (taxi, railway transits, and public utility jeep— more?)

2. Water rate increase (beginning next month, consumers of Maynilad and Manila Water will be billed with P2 to P60 increase every month— whew!)

3. Electricity hike (Manila Electric Co.’s generation charge will rose to P4.8623 per kWh in February. This increase means that households consuming about 100 kWh monthly will have to pay P11.84 more this month, while those consuming 200 kWh will have to pay P23.68 more. Households consuming 300 kWh can expect a P35.52-hike in their February power bills.— that’s big!)

3. Toll increase in expressways like North Luzon Expressways (NLEX) and South Luzon Expressways (SLEX)

4. Oil price hike

5. Cooking gas or liquified petroleum products (LPG) price increase

6. Looming sugar and flour price hike and other prime commodities

Unfortunately, there is no wage increase for workers. The current income of an ordinary employee will not be enough to sustain the growing needs of his family.

And according to the National Statistics Office, the unemployment rate is in 7.1 percent. Out of the estimated 61.2 million population 15 years old and over in October 2010, around 39.3 million persons were reported to be in the labor force.

What happened to President Noynoy Aquino’s promises to his "BOSS" or the "masang Pilipino" of a true change? Filipinos experienced the same with previous administrations. NOTHING has change. It became worst!


  • Anonymous

    i have observed that lately mas maraming mahihirap na Pinoy ang lalong naghihirap. sabi nga ng mga suki kong tindera sa palengke, mahina ang sales kahit weekend which is supposed to be the palengke day for most families, that only means walang pera ang mga tao 

  • J Allyssa

     Sana lang talaga may good news din na dadating and the government should work on the present problems and not dwell on the past. Masyado ng mahirap kumita ngayon, mas piinahihirap pa nila buhay ng maraming tao. 

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