Modern Day Packaging Technologies

The mammoth increase in packaging demand in the entire world can be traced as a result of the growing middle and elderly aged population switching to packaged foods and products. As a result it has become very important for top food packaging companies to analyse this change in consumption behaviour. It has been found that out that three qualities determine the success and failure of a packaged product.

First is the ease by which the product can be used by the customer. Second is the convenience by which product can be handled by the customer and last but not the least the ease of transport. The third factor may not seem very important from customer side directly but the logistics charges is a major contributor towards the growth of the product. So it’s vital that top food packaging companies pay special attention to these qualities.

Top food packaging companies also try to provide a packaging which has long shelf life which is the most requested attribute by retailers in all markets. With the rising demand that is expected to reach $770.5 billion by 2020 and increasing competition in the world market, incorporating modern day packaging technologies has become a necessity for the top food packaging companies.

One such technology that has not been successful until recently is digital flexible packaging. Fox Packaging has proved that digital flexible packaging technology can lead to huge amount of profit while saving a lot of time. Since then over the past 10 years, huge attention by all major packaging companies has been paid to this up and coming technology. Drupa which was launched in 2012 was a platform to introduce new presses to help develop this technology.

It is however still in beta testing. This technology was first used in printing labels but now has further been expanded to make great strides in the food packaging industry. Because this technology can be used to make even less number of packaging products without concurring major equipment and tool costs , small and medium scale companies has switched to sell their products packaged by digital flexible packaging technology which was otherwise not possible in conventional methods. Some of the advantages of digital flexible packaging is that it can print on same gravure. It has exception colour matching print quality.

But the major advantage of this technology it that it has reduced wastage by over 33%. The reason this technology took so much time to develop is because of the development of inks and technologies that might not harm or mix with food. Digital flexible packaging is being carried under a very strict government and company’s own rules and guidelines. This is very important otherwise food products can become poisonous and lead to death also in worst case scenarios. So proper legislations has been established and companies must make sure to follow those rules is their first priority. Along with digital flexible packaging, many other interesting new technologies like adhesive dry bond lamination are making the impact in food packaging industry.

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