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IT Solution for Raising Funds and Mobilizing Aid

The recent calamities that beset our country have led to public clamor for fast and efficient mobilization and management of funds and other forms of aid. Raising funds and managing volunteers can be made more efficient with effective cause related marketing. Information technology systems can be put in place for a more organized way of soliciting, accepting, and monitoring donations. These systems can also be used to manage volunteers and spread an advocacy through various social networking sites.

Cause Related Marketing

Getting people to support your cause entails pretty much the same methods as getting consumers to patronize a brand. Of course, you want to be able to raise funds at the least cost possible. Non-profit software suites designed for donation management come very useful. Through them you will be able to create newsletters calling people to action and to send these through emails or through social networks. These software suites also allow people to send their donations with ease 24/7 wherever they are.

Aid Mobilization

IT systems can also be used for more efficient mobilization of relief aid and organization of volunteers. By automating signup sheets of volunteers, assigning them to where their skills would be most needed becomes much easier. In using a centralized system for all relief efforts, monitoring all the activities becomes less complicated.

We are fortunate to have such software available today. It would be a great folly for us not to make use of advances in technology to spread advocacy and to facilitate speedy relief efforts.

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