Internet Faxing: What Are Your Options?

For those new to internet faxing, it’s difficult to know exactly where you should start. Common sense dictates that you do your homework and compare services before signing up with a provider. If you’re running a business, it’s likely that you can’t afford to waste time and money with a provider that doesn’t meet your needs. Taking the time to compare and research on internet faxing providers now will undoubtedly save you from hassle in the long run.

Stick to One Internet Faxing Provider

Indeed, once you have set-up service with an internet faxing provider, it’s likely you will want to stay with them for some time. Once you have your new fax number and have distributed it to business contacts, family, and friends, it’s unfortunate for you to start that entire process from scratch when you shift to a new provider. Online faxing will save you money and help your business to become more competitive, but locking in with the wrong company can set you back and cost you money.

A proper comparison of the leading internet faxing providers will help you to recognize which service is right for you. Compare factors such as pricing, storage capacity, support hours, and hidden fees to help you choose the best provider.

Seek Out Customer Reviews before Selecting Your Provider

There is no better way to decide how good a provider is, than to read their customers’ feedback about them. Online forums dedicated to faxing and other business solutions will give you some sensible feedback from real customers. In addition, articles written about online fax providers generally have comment sections where users can post their feedback about their provider’s satisfying services. These can give you a clearer picture of what you will exactly pay for when you sign up with these providers.

Be aware of those companies who deploy their own employees to write positive feedback and reviews for their products. Instead, look for commentators who have posted a number of historical comments rather than one or two comments heaping praises on a certain company.

How do the Leading Online Fax Service Providers Stack up Against Each Other?

No two providers are the same though many have similar policies. For instance, email fax services by Metrofax gives users a 30 day free trial period; the same as competitors RingCentral, eFax, and MyFax. Differences can include the location availability of your online fax provider. For instance, Metrofax allows you to send and receive faxes in all 50 states while competitor Nextiva is only available in 44 states. Also, MetroFax charges three cents each for overage pages while eXtremeFax charges five cents each for the same overage pages.

Do your homework and consider all options before subscribing to an online service provider.

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