Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Business

Promoting your business is very important. Many small businesses seem to forget to invest in it. Promotion is all about getting the message out about your business. If you don’t do this, how are people meant to know about you? The following article lists some great inexpensive ways to promote your business. You can do this on a budget!

Get Techno

For most small businesses, having a website is not a main concern. This needs to change. If you don’t have a website you may be losing thousands of potential customers that use a search engine to find the best result. They aren’t particular about what service or business they go to. How can they come to your business though if they don’t know it exists?  Your website should inform visitors about what you do and your contact details. It’s not as expensive as you think. If you already have a website then you should consider having a social media account. This will cost you nothing unless you decide to use the advertising targeting abilities which you should strongly consider. Set up a Facebook or Twitter page, or both, and keep your customers up to date with not only what’s happening in your business but what is happening in your industry.


This could be a competition or a voucher. It’s all about giving to the customer. Everybody loves something that is free or discounted. Free-giveaways are a great way to promote your business. Make sure the item relates to your business though, otherwise the promotion will get lost in the prize. You can choose to hand out free promotional items or have one grand competition prize. If you go for a prize, try to think more creatively than a raffle. Try asking the customers about your business, the person with the best answer wins.

Business Cards

They aren’t as expensive as you think; this is thanks to the online competition. You can still use custom business card templates online. Business cards are a must have for any business and should not be forgotten. They should include your business name, details, logo and short tag line that explains what the business does or what the business is about. Don’t limit yourself to a white rectangle; you can get extremely creative with your design. You want people to hang onto it, the best way to encourage this by getting creative with your design. Something that is pretty on the eye will always get a positive response.

Calling customers

If your business is a service you really should consider calling your clients. This is not telemarketing. You should only do this if you are sincere. This is about asking for customers business without actually asking. You want to create a relationship and therefore a feeling of loyalty.

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