How To Get Control of Your Garbage

There have been so many issues in the country that are sprouting everyday. Unfortunately, they unnecesarily pre-occupied our minds while we are forgetting the most important thing that we need to be prepared for — the devastating effects of global warming.

People dumps billion tons of garbage daily and imagine how it ruining the world. Everyone of us can do something about it, if only we know how to get control of our garbages.

Here’s how:

1. Assemble your materials: Your trash, some old clothes, a tarp, thick gloves, about six cardboard boxes, a scale, a pencil, paper, and a calculator. Find sheltered area to prevent wind drift.

2. Dump trash onto the tarp and sort by material: paper and cardboard, yard waste, food scraps, plastics, metals, glass and other. One-third is probably paper, while food scraps and plastics each make up another tenth. Only metal cans and yard waste are recycled more than half of the time.

3. Add trash from your car, waste from the garbage disposal, and food and beverage waste from work.

4. Tally it up. Use a scale and your estimating skills to give numbers to the garbage that is yours. Weigh your trash from one day. Multiply that by 365. Add an estimate of seasonal trash and total it up.

Plan for the future by reviewing each item in your trash. Was it needed in the first place? Did you use it up before you threw it out? Remember that recycled goods take less energy to finish into final products.

Think about what you can do to improve your recycling and consumption rates, and do it! You may also consider using QCR recycling machines to reduce your waste by up to 90%!

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