Helping Each Other Save Money Through Save22 Philippines

Although the Philippines was just recently awarded an investment grade by credit rating agencies,  growth in our economy would only be felt when investors start coming in and create new jobs for the millions of unemployed workers.

The peso may also be steadily getting stronger but there is still need for us to be frugal.  Fortunately, there are now many options available that let us enjoy the fruits of our labor without being spendthrifts. Many have take advantage the group buying sites that enable them to purchase luxury items, travel packages, and restaurant vouchers at great discounts.

Just recently another website that aims to help us find the best deals was launched.  Save22 Philippines provides a listing of different products from different stores so consumers can compare them easily.  Just imagine how convenient it is not to have to physically go to each and every store to find out which one offers the item you want at the cheapest price. Save22 even allows users to contribute great finds and amazing deals.  This way, everyone helps everyone else save money.   Save22 takes it up a notch by also offering an app that you can download in your smart phones.  The app provides easier access to Save22 and enables you to compare prices by scanning to barcode or typing the name of the product.  By using Save22, you’d never pay more than what something is really worth.

While you’re checking the site out, you may be interested in viewing their infographic on leading supermarkets.  You’d be surprised which supermarkets has the lowest prices.  Apparently, the most popular ones aren’t always the most economical.

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  • Clarinda Santiago

    Very nice info. I am a fan of Puregold and Shopwise. They value their shoppers so much. I love Shopwise for giving away so many perks. I am in fact a Wisecard holder for 13 yrs! I am planning to apply for Puregold’s loyalty card…

  • Clarinda Santiago

    It’s about time that the Filipinos be aware of the value of saving. We tend so spend much on wants & luxuries and we forgot to save some for future needs. Most Filipinos are so fond of gadgets, cars, motorcycles, etc but they don’t have their own home. It’s a sad reality….

  • Roland Savellano

    Its nice to hear that my favorite groceries like Shopwise and Puregold have a giveaway trip to boracay.. I like it!

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