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Grayns Rice Cooker – Less Starch Less Health Problems

Filipinos cannot resist eating rice, several times a day. It is in their nature to eat rice because some would feel less energy without it.

However, some would pick starch as a culprit of obesity and diabetes among Filipinos who love to eat rice.

Good thing that a revolutionary rice cooker is here and is the first of its kind – Grayns by American Technologies, Inc. It’s the only rice cooker that reduces starch out of rice thus lowering calorie content and glycemic load per serving.

Dubbed as the only healthy rice cooker in the world, Grayns’ patented technology allows cooking rice scientifically the way it’s meant to be cooked.


Undergoing a 4-stage cooking process called RevoCook, the rice is first gelatinized through thermosense—the setting of the right temperature to rid the rice of excess starch.

The debonding stage follows, where the gelatinous temperature is intuitively held until most of the excess starch is removed from the rice.

The next phase transudes and drains the dissolved starch from the colander, seeping down to the starch collection tray at the bottom of the cooker.

Finally, rice is demoisturized to make it fluffy, healthy, and delicious.

The Advocacy

As a brand ambassador of the product, Kevin Co, CEO of Grayns Philippines, has been advocating a healthy lifestyle since he brought the revolutionary rice cooker to the Philippines. Co is proud to say that Grayns rice cooker is highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors to reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

“This is the rice cooker for those with type 2 diabetes and those suffering from obesity and want to lose weight,” Co says.

Grayns Cooker

Grayns comes at a steep price but the health and other benefits are enough to commensurate for it. It removes unhealthy excess starch from rice and effectively lowers glycemic and caloric load in rice. It’s very user-friendly, multi-functional as it can cook pasta, potatoes, noodles and other starch sources even rice recipes. It has a memory function that lets you personalize the rice setting you want based on softness and moisture level. The body is heavy-duty and aesthetically designed, with interiors made of 100% stainless steel.

Grayns healthy rice cooker is now available at Abenson and Rustans for P27,000. Visit Grayns on Facebook for more details.

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