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Governments Raise Flag on Owning and Carrying Guns

US President Barack Obama is not easing up on his bid to get his gun ban proposals approved in Capitol Hill.  He takes his campaign out of the White House as he hies off to rally supporters for his weapons ban campaign in Minnesota.

Obama’s anti-gun campaign seeks to revive the assault weapons ban which expired in 2004.  Although the details of the proposal are not yet certain, Obama has cited that the need to require gun purchases to undergo a universal background check will be part of the legislature despite the strong opposition coming from the National Rifle Association.

Advocates of the anti-gun campaign are gathering their forces to help spread awareness and support throughout the United States.  The recent violent crimes involving guns should be reason enough for the legislators to pass the bill at the soonest possible time.

In the meantime, a 6-month gun ban is now in effect in the Philippines as part of the preparations for the coming mid-term elections.  While candidates are counting their campaign funds and starting to print flyers and produce campaign ads, the members of the police force are on alert for possible election related violence.

It is not uncommon for a spate of gun violence to ensue once the election campaign season starts in the country.  The gun ban intends to minimize these crimes as well as to reduce incidences of gun-toting private armies threatening citizens to vote for a particular candidate.  Despite the obvious necessity for the gun ban, there are certain private individuals who are concerned about being more vulnerable to criminal elements.


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