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Globe Telecommunications’ Failed Service

You will be encouraged to their offered promo. If you’re an internet savvy, definitely you’re looking for a faster connection and getting some freebies are great bonuses!

Note: I did not receive a FREE SM Gift Card as what stated on their promo. I applied online last August 28 but they had it installed only last September 9.

But when you have already got your line installed then after few days, the DSL connection lost. You would try to call their customer service through their hotlines to seek some help.

However, none of the hotline customer service agents could ease your inconveniences and would just tell you:

“Sorry Ma’am we cannot process your request for repair, we cannot even make a job order because we cannot access your account details from our system. Also, we were having system upgrade, call again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

That’s a great helplessness.

The fact that you subscribed to sustain your work and make important transactions online, would you imagine how very irritating it can be when you have more than 60 hours of disabled internet connection?

You’re trying to ask for a repair but they cannot provide you a much needed help simply because they cannot access your account? If they cannot access it forever, does it mean I cannot have an internet connection while I am paying for P1,299 a month and with a lock-in period of one year?

That’s being so unfair and unreasonable.

Despite a hectic schedule, I managed to go to their Globe Business Center in Quezon City. The first customer service agent who talked to me just dialed their hotline and referred me to the person on the other line. So, they had the same script, explaining that they, again, cannot help me!

Something is not right.

With an unsatisfied soul, I fall in line again to talk to another customer service agent.

Fortunately, the lady was knowledgeable enough to create a job order for me! Thankfully. But she failed to explain why the hotline agents cannot access my account when in fact she did!

I have talked to four (4) customer agents using their hotline 730-1000. All of them have the same script of telling me they are so sorry for the inconveniences. Will those words enough to appease me? They keep on talking instead of creating a job order for repair!

Globe was my favorite. I actually had several postpaid accounts from them. I terminated my old internet service provider for them. I am supposed to receive a loyalty reward, right? Instead, I have experienced the most helpless and inconsistent customer service.

By the way, why I lost my internet connection? I do not know yet. I wish their technicians would appear on their schedule. But for now, with my irritated mood I wish I was in Alaska with my Ski Gear on to keep me cool headed.


  • Ane

    Oh my goodness! how frustrating! I would’ve definitely thrown a bitch fit if it were me in your position. I love Globe too and thank God have not experienced anything like that yet.. I hope everything gets settled soon and I hope everything turns out for the better..

  • Angela

    This Globe DSL deceived me too with the same advertisement! On my 3rd month of having availed their service, I am being told that I am under a limited usage plan. What?! No one told me about limits when they got me to switch and give up the old Smartbro service!

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