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Former President Gloria Arroyo’s health update: Still at critical stage – spokesman

I waited seven hours before I got latest development on former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s health status. She’s been staying on and off to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City, Taguig City for few weeks now.

The former President underwent second surgery after the cervical spine operation seems to caused infections. She recently returned in the hospital and now being monitored in the Coronary Care Unit – no visitors allowed.

Good thing, Arroyo’s spokesman Atty. Raul Lambino gave initial updates after attending a private mass for the former President inside the hospital. He said, Mrs. Arroyo was allowed to move a little but remain considered as a critical patient. She is not allowed to use any communication gadgets nor learn anything from news sources like media. Her doctors earlier decided to keep a happy face during visits to Mrs. Arroyo as they are trying to lift her morale. Mrs. Arroyo is said to be set to undergo 3rd operations and many feared if the infections does not heal, it may caused paralysis to the former leader, or worst.

I am not a friend nor a supporter of the Arroyos, but I wish that the former President and her family’s detractors should shut up for a while. Negative news will not help Mrs. Arroyo in her recovery. Unless, they want her dead.


  • CaptainRunner

    I’m not a great person of noble deeds. I am a simple Filipino who wants a simple life with my family and who is proud of the Philippines despite of everything negative circulating everywhere.  But your news, which I am also hearing on televisions makes me think and wonder:

    “If ever she dies, will a burial similar to that of the late Pres. Aquino be given?”

    What are your thoughts?

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